If businesses are still using a significant portion of their marketing budget on the internet, many executives are missing out on the advantages of mobile devices.

This year, retailers scrambled to use as many mediums as possible to make the most of the shortened holiday season, but it appeared that many companies continue to sleep on creating mobile-optimized websites.

However, not everyone stayed in the dark. The 152 businesses that partnered with Branding Brand, a mobile commerce organization, saw mobile sales increase by over 100 percent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even 258 percent on Thanksgiving.

The fact that this small sample of organizations saw the prices of average orders increase by 22 percent proves that mobile marketing has great potential, but there is a way to make it better: through SMS marketing.

"While visits, page views, and mobile sales increased, average order value decreased," Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO said in the news release. "Aggressive promotions, as well as the rise of free shipping, can impact final basket price."

Business owners who take the time to tailor promotions to engage with customers on their smartphones are more likely to seal the deal because the information is readily available and simple mobile payments improve the customer's experience.

For example, on Black Friday alone, these companies saw 9.2 million more views altogether. Imagine the reach they could have if they combined their marketing efforts with a text alert that included an exclusive coupon or free shipping. About 53 percent of consumers reported that coupons are their driving force to subscribe to an SMS service or download a mobile application.

Businesses that want to get on board with shoppers in the 21st century still can. Swift SMS Gateway has the developers to design an SMS marketing strategy that works for specific client bases.