A global text messaging service provider since 2007

Swift SMS Gateway® is a facilities-based, global SMS service provider, housing networks in world-class data centres, and all of our people, operations and services are located in Canada. We provide 100% North American, international and global SMS coverage through 800+ carriers. We’ve served over 10,000 developers and deployed 200 million+ SMS Authentication PINs (no, those aren’t typos!).

Many developers turn to us, frustrated with a competitor’s poor reach, lost SMS messages and outrageous support costs.

Swift is known to have the best SMS API in the world. We help businesses connect applications, advertising and alerts to SMS. We offer:

Swift constantly monitors reach to cell phone carriers in North America and all over the world. We provide back-end SMS connectivity and support to developers and marketing agencies everywhere — in both the public and private sectors. Our goal: Provide the best global SMS delivery service.