Developers get it all!

SDK-V2Swift SMS Gateway® makes integrating SMS easy. You’ll get everything you need to connect your applications, advertising and alerts to text messaging.


  • Pick your messaging number
  • Live tech support during business hours
  • 1,000 message credits
  • Unlimited access to our development library
  • Upgrade to a production account in 6 months or less

The Swift Development Kit is scalable, from simple performance testing to customization for inbound and outbound messaging. Swift SMS Gateway® meets your mobile needs with seamless, transparent, and secure connectivity in your database for single texts or mass broadcasting. It’s all included for one flat price of $100.

Fast track yourself in SMS

api-sms-bubble Swift Development Kit Features Swift SMS™ Others
Web Services Primer checkmark
Open Source Support checkmark
Multi-Language – .NET, REST, SOAP and many others checkmark
Connect SMS into your Apps checkmark
Flat-Rate Development Pricing checkmark checkmark

Our SDK provides a simple, upfront, low-cost toolset with live support extended beyond just email during the business day. Once you’re done, go live with no change needed in your code, move into your API Service, and pick your Support Plan that’s backed with an SLA.

Your programming should be quick and painless, and that’s exactly what the Swift Development Kit can do for you.