Global reach on a scalable platform

With 5.1 Billion unique mobile users around the world and 89% of smartphone owners having their device within arm’s reach at all times, SMS messaging is the best way to relay critical information quickly. Integrate Swift SMS Gateway® into your business apps to help ensure that every message you send reaches your audience on time.

Swift SMS Gateway’s support team has over 15 years of experience in providing alert solutions, built to your specifications. We can advise on whether to use Shortcodes or Longcodes, which carriers to use, message content, and more.

Here are just some of the SMS alerts we have serviced:

  • System traps and incident alerts
  • User authentications
  • Journeyman systems and dispatch notifications
  • Logistics
  • Safety checks
  • Service confirmations

Don’t risk your messages becoming lost in a cluttered email or voicemail inbox, left unread and unanswered. With a 97% open rate, SMS is the solution to your messaging needs. Swift SMS Gateway® provides seamless global reach on a scalable platform with 24/7 support options available. We will have your back, no matter the size of your messaging operations.

From front end to back end, Swift SMS Gateway® is your connection to SMS messaging and streamlining your business communications.

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