Match the right skills to the right people

Human Resources is all about matching the right skill sets in people to the employers that need them. A timely SMS message can mean the difference between matching a candidate to a job and missing that opportunity.

Maizis and Miller Consultants are recruitment specialists that understand the value that SMS brings to finding a job and attracting responsive candidates and employers. Swift SMS Gateway® integrates SMS into their employment database, so they can provide a superior employment service.

The service has been great!
Ron Maizis, Co-Founder, Maizis and Miller Inc.

SMS is by far the most effective medium to reach people on mobile. Swift SMS Gateway® makes connecting text messaging into native databases secure and easy.

If you are looking for a job, an employment agency that integrates SMS into their consulting services can better serve you! In today’s mobile world, SMS is a critical tool in helping you land employment.