Modernize your app with SMS

Mobile Apps are often thought of as overshadowing SMS; however, the best apps today frequently integrate SMS functionality.

SMS-authenticationThe SMS code used in WhatsApp serves as a great example:
SMS has serviced the core of WhatsApp’s user registration process from its inception to its market position of 1 billion users. By sending a unique code to your mobile number, WhatsApp can quickly verify you as a new user for their app. With Swift SMS, you can do the same for your app and receive the following benefits:

  • Protection from hackers trying to infiltrate your app platform by signing in from phony untraceable mobile numbers and attacking you from an automated server bot
  • A real-time date stamp in milliseconds of the SMS receipt that can be used to reconcile install transaction logs
  • The ability to store user profiles with nothing more than the unique ID of their phone numbers, and bind them to an SMS Authentication Pin
  • Upon app expiration, validate if users have changed their mobile numbers
  • Track the changing of users’ mobile phone numbers historically
  • With reverse lookup, know the mobile carrier of users’ mobile numbers

“A person’s cell number is perhaps the single most important piece of ID they have.”
Brian J. Johnson, President & CEO, Swift SMS Gateway Inc.

By integrating SMS into your suite of Mobile Apps, Swift SMS Gateway® can add the power of simple text messaging to help ensure a successful deployment strategy for your apps.

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