Improved Internet security

The SMS Authentication PIN is a popular method used in Two Factor Authentication. In combination with username/password routines, SMS Authentication PINs are improving internet security standards. Google, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp all use SMS Authentication PINs. If you are serious about your mobile app development and user security, you should too.

Some popular uses of SMS in Two Factor Authentication include:

  • Streamlining licence key registration on app installs
  • Replacing hard-to-read CAPTCHA routines on website forms
  • Validating user mobile phone numbers

The ease and speed of SMS can be used to bridge the mobile/desktop security gap.

The benefits of SMS Authentication PIN routines include:

  • Fraud defence
  • Identity authentication
  • Simplifying the user experience
  • Cost-effective security
  • Easy integration

Using SMS Authentication PINs gives companies access to a powerful, personalized and cost-effective security feature. It improves the user experience and makes a better, more professional impression of your business and/or mobile application.

With over 200 million authentication PINs served by Swift SMS Gateway® to just one of our clients, we are the integration experts on SMS 2 Factor Authentication. Contact us today.