The internet has made it easier for customers to research and purchase goods, but when it comes to cars, it can be difficult to find a reliable source., one of the first websites to offer classified advertisements on used vehicles, has made car shopping easier with daily text alerts, according the news release.

Users have the option to receive notifications on their saved car searches, added inventory to the website and when sellers have a special offer. Every day, more than 3 million private sellers and dealerships post on Based on a study on the business' client base, the Atlanta-based company predicts that online car shopping will occur on an omnichannel approach 52 percent of the time, which includes smartphones, tablets and computers.

"Alerts allow us to meet the needs of today's sellers, who want to make sure that interested shoppers are aware of the vehicles and incentives offered, and today's shoppers who are looking for more of a personal experience," Steve Greenfield,'s vice president of Product Management, explained.

The launch of this SMS service was to tailor to the fact that customers want to find information on the car they want faster than before. found that a prospective customer's hook to purchasing a vehicle is lower "Found Time" on the website.

"We're always looking for ways to make car buying and selling easier for both consumers and our customers, and this new feature is a great example of that focus," Greenfield said.

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