Whenever a customer orders a package from an online retailer, they receive a confirmation email that includes a tracking number. This service often gave customers peace of mind because they are aware of the progress of their shipments, while others may forget about it because their email inbox is flooded with messages.

One way delivery service companies can improve the likelihood that customers will use these tracking numbers is by sending them via text message. The average user is going through 500-600 messages per month, which means they would more likely come across a tracking number in their SMS inbox.

The United Kingdom's Royal Mail made the choice to enhance parcel delivery by offering free text alerts for these packages last month. In the past, businesses that partnered with the Royal Mail would have to pay a 5 percent surcharge to receive tracking updates, according to the Royal Mail's press release.

"By improving access to email and SMS notification for online retailers, we are helping them to ensure that they give their customers the best possible online shopping experience," Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels, explained.

Customers who choose to be notified with the Royal Mail's SMS service may receive messages on when a package has begun delivery, completed delivery or that the package is waiting from the customer at a local office because no one was home at the time of delivery.

Launching these text alerts during the holiday shopping season could help business owners and the Royal Mail increase their client base in 2014. Companies that wish to enhance their customer's shopping experience can implement a similar solution. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to develop a text alerts strategy that tailors to any business' audience.