Whenever businesses are preparing for a major event like a grand opening, it is important to stay on-pace with the schedule to keep costs to a minimum. However, business owners cannot control every aspect of their operations, which can delay overall progress. During rare situations when grand openings impact multiple countries, staying on track is much more crucial.

In Brazil, local workers have been working rigorously to prepare for the continent's first Olympic Games slated for August 2016, but the nation's auditing firm TCU found that operations are behind schedule, according to Business Standard. With a budget of $712 million to go toward building stadiums and roads for millions of visitors, the country has only used 5 percent of its funds so far. 

This audit can be bad news for Brazilian residents and officials because they are also hosting the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup next summer. The budget for this event is expected to cost $16 billion. About 20 percent of this budget—roughly $3.5 billion—is intended to go toward building multiple stadiums to host the multiple group stages.

One of the issues the audit found is that many sites for these sporting events had an "absence of solid plans." Local businesses in charge of these projects can greatly benefit from a company-wide SMS service. Many cities tend to have multiple construction plans happening at the same time, so coordinating every step is essential. 

Contractors working on projects in various parts of Brazil can expedite communication with one another through the use of text alerts. This way, workers can avoid making redundant delivery trips for supplies because everyone would be on the same page on their individual tasks.

Text messages are a great way to get in touch with co-workers without committing too much time out of a person's work day because they are brief and straight to the point. For many Brazilians, efficient workflow needs to be at an all-time high to ensure they are prepared for the first of these major events next year. Swift SMS Gateway has the developers to create an SMS service that works for any company.