Whenever a company announces the release of a new product, consumers typically cannot wait to get their hands on it. Oftentimes, the item may sell in a few days and another shipment may not happen for months, as is often the case with toys. How these companies handle the influx of demand and communication with their partners can make the ultimate.

During an anticipated launch, businesses can communicate with other locations through a secure, SMS service. Confidential, company-wide text messages can stay within specific subscribers and up-to-date information will arrive faster than email or phone. During busy time periods, a retailer's phone lines could be busy for hours, but a text messaging service can circumvent this.

At HTC, a Taiwan-based company that makes devices that run on Android's software was looking forward to release its HTC One Mini smartphone because it received positive feedback in July, according to the Times of India. The cell phone manufacturer is experiencing a shortage of cases, delaying further production of the mobile device. Because of significant lag times, HTC is expecting to see a net loss this quarter.

Prior to the shortage, HTC planned on shipping about 200,000 devices out every month to cell phone carriers across the world, but requests have reached a point where it is not sustainable and it is unclear when deliveries for the HTC One Mini will be up and running, Reuters explained. News sources were unable to reach HTC for comment on this matter.

If HTC had a broad text alerts program for its clients, it can expedite communication with retailers. They would receive updates on production and delivery statuses.

Active communication keeps customers satisfied at Apple

On the other hand, Apple has history with delayed cell phone deliveries because a lot of its inventory sells out within the first few days of launching the iPhone. But because the company consistently updates stores, cell phone carriers and customers on how far behind production is, people are more willing to wait for their order to arrive.

As of Tuesday, iPhone 5s models in black and white will take one to two weeks to ship whereas the gold version could take up to 42 days, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Businesses that need to stay in touch with many partners within their supply chain can improve operations with the support of Swift SMS Gateway. Swift has the tools to create a text messaging platform that works with any organization.