While handmade products are made with high-quality materials, it requires a lot of time on the artisan's part to make each item as exquisite as the last. It is even more crucial to prepare for upcoming peak seasons and sales to have a large inventory of these goods for retailers and customers. Manufacturers are sometimes in the position to personally call each client to update them on the same issues. One way to expedite operations while saving time is through the use of an SMS service. This way text alerts are sent at the same time to each store.

Earlier this month, Stephaen Bonnano Sandals, a Florida-based shoe company, was celebrating its 50 anniversary and sold many of its signature personalized products at half the price. Demand became so high that the factory was overwhelmed by the amount of orders that were coming in, according WPTV, a local NBC affiliate.

Some customers like Sheri Reymond were looking forward to her first pair of slippers. "The traditional [ones] Jackie Onassis [Kennedy] would have worn" would be in her possession, but will have to wait for a while before they arrive due to multiple large orders.

Bonnano's sandals usually cost $100 a pair, so with the 50th anniversary sale, consumerswanted to take advantage. Unfortunately, it takes two hours to make one pair, which ends up being about 50 pairs in total per day–the company is unable to promise a delivery date at this time. On their website, they are urging its customers to be patient at this time as they are doing their best to respond to calls, emails and orders all at the same time.

Stephen Bonnano told the source that the sale brought in 4,000 pairs of sandals, but the company only made 100-200 shoes when the special offer began. The company plans on completing every single order despite delays.

If there was active collaboration between the footwear's website, manufacturer and clients, Bonnano could have been able to handle the issue at hand. Text messaging services could have brought up these potential problems early on, and perhaps there would be less delays with a lesser amount of orders.

Businesses that need to stay in touch with many parts of their supply chain can benefit from SMS services because messages are shared much sooner than a phone call or email. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to implement these programs.