More than two months after the event, New York and New Jersey are still cleaning up from the wreckage caused by Superstorm Sandy. As cleanup crews across both states continue to work diligently to prepare for the spring and summer tourist seasons, officials are looking at a much broader picture.

The threat of a repeat incident is constantly on the minds of government leaders in the hardest hit areas. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told WNYT in New York that he understands it's irresponsible to assume something of the magnitude of Sandy won't happen again, so he's launching a series of initiatives to combat the impact of future storms.

"There's a feasibility that goes along with all these initiatives," Cuomo said to the news source. "You have to weigh it against the probability and against the cost. You have to be prepared for a lot of things, the question is how much do you want to pay and what is the probability that those things are going to occur."

One way Cuomo wants to better prepare his state for severe weather is by implementing a stronger emergency communication system. One component of this program is an emergency text service. Because mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular, Cuomo believes more people will be able to receive pertinent information in a short period of time if it is sent to their devices via SMS.

This is yet another way SMS services are benefitting organizations across the country. Launching a campaign to send emergency texts to recipients in danger can alleviate a number of safety risks and save a tremendous amount of lives. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to orchestrate programs such as this.