The Northwest school district​in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is going digital, at least as it pertains to keeping parents and faculty members informed of the latest news and events within the school system.

According to an article in the Star-Telegram, employees in the school district and parents of students will be presented later this month with an opportunity to receive text alerts on their phones whenever there is important information to be shared. This could include closings due to unforeseen events or emergencies that happen before, during or after hours. This should be a beneficial service to all recipients, as most of them will likely own a cell phone capable of receiving text messages.

While snow won’t always be a concern in Texas, there are other forms of inclement weather that could warrant emergency texts to staff and parents. Moreover, if it does snow, studies found that areas such as Dallas aren’t as equipped to handle the conditions as well other as places – such as the Northeast -so it’s even more important to keep the lines of communication open.

District spokeswoman Lesley Weaver spoke with the news source about her vision of an innovative communication system that will keep all pertinent parties informed and connected.

“We are excited about the opportunity to implement a SMS text messaging option as another way we can communicate to our parents and staff,” Weaver said. “The text messages will be another tool we can use to push out emergency notifications or helpful reminders.”

Schools all over the country can benefit from launching SMS services to reach out to parents and staff. Recent events have only increased the importance of student safety initiatives. Swift SMS Gateway can offer the tools needed to launch a text alert program designed to uphold a maximum level of safety.