Given the fast-paced nature of the industry, mobile technology is certainly going to change in 2013. Users will find new ways to speak with each other as technology advances. However, despite these innovations, text messaging will continue to be the primary way people communicate through their mobile devices.

An article in the online publication Media Post declares 2013 as "the year of mobile measurement," meaning that providers will finally have solid analytics to examine this year, which will help them adjust their offerings in the future. Application developers will get a better understanding on the impact their apps are having on the marketplace. How individuals use their phones will become increasingly clearer.

While 2013 is sure to provide some valuable information, Brendan O'Kane, the author of the article, says one thing we're sure to learn is that text messaging – despite all the rumors of its death – is not going away.

"SMS will live on despite newer and arguably more visually engaging formats precisely because of its simplicity and directness," O'Kane writes. "Read our message, Text 1 to opt-in text 2 to opt-out. Simple. Look for SMS to remain highly relevant in 2013 in both the developed and developing world – where feature phones outnumber smartphones. With messaging being limited, marketers will learn to make every character count."

Because of this, text message marketing will continue to be a valuable practice in 2013 and beyond. Short and to-the-point communication still packs a stronger punch than any other form, so it will continue to be effective. Businesses that have not yet initiated an SMS marketing campaign should not be scared off by the talk of text messaging's demise.

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