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How Can A Pig Text Using A SMS API?

A Pig Can Text SMS API

About a year after Swift SMS Gateway started in 2007, a telling moment happened when a hog farmer called our sales desk past 5:00pm when it was closed. He wanted a SMS API account. Our President, Brian J. Johnson took the call. So Simple Even A Pig Can Connect To Our SMS API Why would… Read more »

Is SMS Data Residency Important?

SMS Data Residency

Swift SMS Gateway connects applications, advertising and alerts to text messaging via simple APIs and keeps your data stored in Canada. Most importantly, SMS aggregation is all we do and with that philosophy, your SMS data is your own. Swift SMS does not share it, use it, or re-market it. Should Your Business Be Concerned?… Read more »

Swift SMS Support is Cheap, Because Our Service is Great

If your provider can’t offer affordable great support, then their service isn’t great or affordable. When you consider how important SMS is to your business needs, you may want to take this simple statement seriously. SMS is fast becoming the cheapest most effective way for business to connect to mobile and people everywhere. Be it… Read more »