For car dealerships, consistent contact with clients helps build good relationships. With the right SMS service connected into their Dealership Management Systems (DMS), dealers can improve client scheduling and improve profitability in their service department. This not only improves communications, but gives customers what they want. Because of this, businesses may stay one step ahead of their clientele, while getting a big improvement on their existing DMS platforms, providing they are connected to the right SMS Gateway.

An October 2014 Morpace Omnibus survey found nearly half of consumers were either “very” or “somewhat” interested in auto dealer text messages at 46 percent of the populace thinking this. While it’s a smaller figure than the 50 percent who indicated the same feelings in 2012, it represented a 4 percent increase from just one year earlier. This confirms that consumers in today’s market are consistently interested and open to auto dealer text messaging in the servicing of their automotive needs.

In addition, the source clarified that this included service updates under the wider banner of any kind of text message that could refer to an owner’s vehicle.

It’s true that messaging clients on their phones in and of itself won’t guarantee engagement. For that, a better bet may be to stay in regular contact and avoid the possible losses that could come with any communication problems.

An Auto Dealer Today article called phones a possible “profit leak” and particularly mentioned the importance of follow-up communications. Without these, car dealerships have a possible loss on their hands instead of a source of business. At the bottom of this, the desire is to keep appointments scheduled, leading to greater value added in the long run for clients and car dealerships too.

With customer-centric messaging, car dealerships can broaden their reach and bring clients to their appointments again and again. Swift SMS Gateway provides easily integrated solutions for anything that requires large-scale texting.