The millennial generation, as it's come to be known love to text, and is often connected with the rise of the internet and mobile. Some members of this demographic, which usually includes those currently between 20 and 34, might actually be part of the last group of people to remember a time before social media existed.

Regardless, digital experience is a well-known priority for younger buyers. And since those in this bracket are finally gaining the capital to buy homes for themselves, it's a worthy place for real estate agents to focus their energy – with text messaging playing a major role in this.

With communication under control, agents can trust that their job will go smoothly, as will the buyer's experience. A Quicken Loans article recently listed several qualities of a good agent, such as being responsive and dedicated to each possible buyer. All of these things can come from a messaging platform that provides easy information from residential listings

"Reaching millennials with the right information can carry high stakes."

Reaching millennials with the right information can carry high stakes, since there's an impression that this class of buyers is less likely to purchase a home at all, preferring to rent perpetually instead. Realty Biz recently reported on "real estate crowdfunding," giving money to projects online, a trend where young investors could potentially go around banks to instead directly support new housing through what they perceive as a direct connection.

If real estate agents want to win young owners over, it may help to speak their digital language. That could mean an easy simple solution for listings updates that fits in with the millennial lifestyle for buyer engagement.

Using text messaging in your advertising strategy can connect to millennials, who are the new buyers. It is what they are likely to want. Being accessible can help get new information about listings out to interested buyers and save everyone time.