Short Codes used to be confusing, but text message services and SMS technology is improving fast. Over a short time span there have been vast improvements. Swift SMS Gateway, one of the earliest innovators in SMS API’s has made connecting text to your business easy, cutting both development time and costs.

Here are three changes for the better when it comes to Short Code text marketing:

1. Even More Personalized

While not all SMS marketing messages are overly personal, they are usually a step up from mass email blasts or generic television advertisements. One of the primary fears of marketing professionals is that their content will go unseen. Luckily, text messages are almost always opened and read, regardless of whether or not people know who they are from. Modern SMS marketing campaigns feature direct conversations between a potential customer and someone at the company. That means there are more interactions with people rather than bots.

2. Synced To Existing Software Platforms

Many of today's conversational messaging platforms route to programs that help companies manage their relationships with clients, so that they can grow their business more organically. Businesses would do well to remember that SMS is a messaging tool for customer service as well as lead generation.

3. More Responsive And Actionable

As effective as SMS campaigns were at gaining people's initial attention, they didn't necessarily provide much information on what a consumer could do, or how he should act. Customers may have been offered a discount or a promotion, but that's where the benefit to them essentially ended. If that individual wanted to reply with a specific question, it wasn't an option. Modern two-way messaging, however, informs customers about a sale while giving them the ability to ask more specific questions. The platform has gone from self-serving to consumer-serving.