There's more to the world of business text messaging than just using Short Message Service (SMS) for marketing campaigns. In addition to SMS marketing, business texting helps automate services, enhance the customer experience and ensure that internal communication can proceed seamlessly.

Read on to learn more about what to look for in a business messaging solution.

What Are the Benefits of Texting for Businesses?

If you thought people were already hooked on SMS text messaging before, then chances are that the COVID-19 pandemic has only confirmed your suspicions.

A March 2020 report from T-Mobile revealed that, as protective measures against the coronavirus went into effect, texting climbed 26% on the network, while Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) communication jumped 77%.

While these numbers primarily highlight the importance of texting at the start of the pandemic, the persistence of remote work underscores how important this form of communication will be for the foreseeable future.

Simply put, the main benefit of business SMS is that it allows your company to reach people where they are. That could mean using savvy text marketing techniques to transform a lead into a customer. It could also mean sending out a text message to internal teams to communicate important time-sensitive information. You might also use SMS messages for automated account security or to send appointment reminders from your business, providing added value for your current clients.

Further, SMS texting can provide an added benefit compared to using an over-the-top messaging app. After all, SMS is more ubiquitous than any single app.

Marketing, customer service and other business operations can be streamlined and improved through the use of a business texting service that leverages specialized software.

What Features Should You Look for When You're Choosing a Business Texting App?

Whether you're interested in exploring accessible text message marketing or setting up automated messaging, choosing the right app or software solution can make all the difference.

For SMS marketing and other business purposes, make sure to find a partner that:

  • Offers flexibility.
  • Supports the most popular features.
  • Has a future-focused perspective.

Flexible Text Messaging Solutions

No company has the exact same needs as every other business when it comes to text messaging. Your SMS partner should be prepared to offer multiple service options to suit your needs.

For example, Swift SMS Gateway has GREXT™, a scalable, web-based group messaging app that allows you to easily manage groups and schedule SMS sends. While messaging is coordinated from a central platform, communication takes place over text message, allowing each individual to seamlessly read and respond right from the native SMS messaging app on their mobile device.

This method works well for internal groups within the business who now have a centrally coordinated communication channel allowing them to keep each other in the loop with a quick message.

Customer communication, including for SMS marketing, may require more advanced solutions. For marketing campaigns and other use cases, you might consider using an application programming interface (API). Again, these solutions should be able to flex with your needs.

How Can You Send Text Messages Online From Your Computer?

APIs bridge the gap between your company's internal applications, like marketing automation software, and SMS gateways, allowing you to send a text message from your computer. In addition to text message marketing, you can use APIs for a wide variety of customer communication needs and internal coordination.

Support plans for Swift SMS Gateway services fall into three primary categories, allowing you to select the optimal level of coverage:

  • Standard.
  • Professional.
  • Enterprise.

Keep in mind that regulations around SMS marketing limit how and when you can use this technique, but APIs can help support a variety of different business functions.

Popular Text Messaging Features for Businesses

In addition to SMS marketing, some of the most popular business text messaging use cases involve two-factor authentication (2FA) and other automated text messages.

Even if you don't know the name, you're likely familiar with the concept of 2FA. This is when you are trying to log into an account or an app with enhanced security features, and you receive a message with a unique PIN to help you verify your identity. This is a popular feature for many software providers and other partners that support business texting.

Appointment reminders are also very useful for many businesses, especially when compared to time-consuming phone calls. Instead of tasking a clerk with scheduling and confirming attendance with each customer, text messaging can help simplify the whole process.

Swift SMS Gateway supports these texting services and other SMS solutions for messaging, ranging from customer communication to the departmental organization.

How Can You Use SMS Campaigns to Improve Customer Engagement?

Strictly speaking, SMS marketing isn't your only option. MMS messaging can help elevate your marketing campaigns and other customer communications. Text message marketing can incorporate eye-catching images to help drive engagement.

Forward-Thinking Approaches to Texting for Businesses

Text messaging is a dynamic field. Just when you think you've got a handle on the ins and outs of SMS marketing as well as other business text messaging uses and your software of choice, the landscape can change.

That's why it's so important to work with a business texting partner that can help you stay focused on what's next.

Take 10-digit long codes (10DLC), for example. As the short code format is phased out, 10DLC will be the new standard in app-to-person (A2P) messaging. This has implications for marketing uses, customer communication and other business texting activities.

Not only that, but technology is always changing, too. Your texting partner should understand how each message you send will display on every messaging app capable of receiving the communication.

Swift SMS Gateway has the industry knowledge and expertise to ensure your text message program is up to date.

Does Text Messaging Offer a Better Customer Experience?

When it's implemented well, SMS marketing and other customer service features executed over text can provide convenience and ease of use for your customers. They'll benefit from fast, automated support. Well-designed marketing campaigns can also provide value without being too intrusive, especially if the recipient sees real value from your timely promotions and announcements.

Ready to find out how your company can improve communication for all the phone numbers you're in contact with today? Reach out to Swift SMS Gateway to see what we can do for you.