The stream of text messages sent by companies every day helps structure the rhythm of our lives. From appointment reminders at the hair salon to short message service (SMS) authentication PINs that help you log into crucial services, text messages delivered from businesses help us keep things running smoothly.

Working with a business texting service is a smart way for companies of all sizes to ensure that their messages are properly optimized and delivered directly to the appropriate contacts. Here are 6 vital pieces of information about business texting that we'd like to share with our readers.

1. 10DLC Is Coming

Short for 10-digit long code, 10DLC refers to the new and emerging standard for application-to-person (A2P) text messaging. Instead of texting contacts from a shared short code, organizations now have to update their policies and processes with the help of a business texting service so they can make the shift to communicating with their recipients over a 10DLC.

2. Use Thoughtful Strategies That Boost Opt-In Rates

Ensuring that your potential customers and other contacts are fully opted in, with up-to-date contact information, is essential for executing most business texting services. During a recent wildfire in Oregon, local emergency management personnel noted that hundreds of the warnings they sent out were not delivered. Some individuals contacted the relevant agencies saying they didn't receive a notification, only to discover they hadn't signed up.

While business texting typically doesn't include such crucial emergency communications, the point here still holds: You can't reach people unless they've opted in with the right number.

3. Think Twice Before Using Emoji

Communication styles evolve over time. It may seem that business texting services should follow the trends and embrace more casual modes of messaging.

However, it's important to think through whether to use emoji, especially in external campaigns. Your message won't display properly for everybody, and for those who do get the picture, you might not be communicating exactly what you want to.

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple and direct. For example, a recent study of text message interventions encouraging recipients to get their flu vaccine concluded that a picture-based joke was among the least effective messages examined in the report.

4. Emphasize Accessibility

Another issue with using emoji is that they can hinder accessibility, especially for those who use screen readers or magnifiers. Business texting services have to prioritize crafting messages that are universally successful. Some simple steps you can take to improve how your messages are received by individuals who use digital tools to help them read or listen to your texts include error-free writing, optimized image descriptions and more.

5. Don't Forget About Internal Messaging

Business texting services also support communication among colleagues as well as texts between management and the individuals who are part of an organization. Internal text messaging should remain professional and focused on the work at hand while taking into account the time of day. When possible, it's also best to emphasize that group messaging is often a synchronous activity, meaning people should be communicating in real time when possible.

6. Follow the Rules of the Road For Workplace Group Messaging

Speaking of group messaging, there are some important etiquette pointers to keep in mind for workplace communications that take place on a shared thread. For one thing, administrators should have a clear rationale for who's included in each group and why. Also, make sure to establish shared standards and expectations around timing for replies. Everybody should strive to keep their messages understandable and succinct. If you need to take your conversation offline, schedule a dedicated meeting instead.

Partner With Business Texting Service Providers That Understand Your Needs

The experts at Swift SMS Gateway are very familiar with the ins and outs of business texting. We know just what you need to make sure that your messages are delivered directly to your intended recipients for a variety of different use cases. Reach out today to learn more.