Though there may be some uncertainty about the future of the jobs market, right now it seems like a bright one in both the USA and Canada. If you are a recruiter, or an employment agency, now is the time to act. Make sure it's just as bright for you, and get a jump on the competition! Reaching candidates via text messaging gives you an advantage.

In a recent press release, The Conference Board announced that its employment index is more than 3 percent higher than it was in March 2016. The rating, 131.39, is a sign that the jobs market is opening up, and is based on eight different factors; including job openings, sales and unemployment rates.

Progressive recruiting agencies see text messaging integration via connecting their client job database platforms into SMS Gateways to serve automated text alerts as a prime way to bring engagement up. Even legacy platforms that traditionally use email as the prime contact method are quickly migrating to text messaging.

"Even legacy platforms are quickly migrating to text messaging."

The Conference Board's Chief Economist Gad Levanon explained the index reflects other important signs of growth too; "It seems that higher business confidence is carrying over to hiring," he said. "As a result, in 2017 labor supply constraints will be strongly felt across many industries and locations."

This growth isn't the only thing for recruiting agencies to watch. SHRM said big data and the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in recruitment is appearing, affecting how business types search for candidates.

Your recruiting agency may also be under more pressure to track information, measure performance and incorporate different metrics into your platform in light of this.

An SMS service gives your employment services better responsiveness by reaching prospective candidates faster. By fitting seamlessly into your job database platform, a simple SMS API into a good SMS Gateway will allow you to stay in touch with both employers and job prospects in a relatable way. Even more importantly, the up-and-coming workforce may expect you to text them, so upgrading now will help you prepare.