To keep patient care rates strong, you need to use staff well. It means filling shift openings fast and efficiently. Resource management is key. Your Staff Management System should be able to easily connect to a SMS Gateway.

All it needs is an Internet connection to integrate to a reliable SMS aggregator via a simple SMS API. Avoid connecting to SMS providers that do not provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are reasonable in their price and their promise to reach recipients. Staff management in healthcare demands more than a best effort. You need a guarantee.

"The simplicity and timeliness of SMS is reshaping how hospitals communicate."

Part of the reason to use text messaging for shifts is the goal to always strive to improve patient experience.

However, in the US Quartz recently argued that the amount of different options means hospitals have to work hard to distinguish themselves. Because of this, the source recommended putting the focus on satisfaction, with technology a main part of the equation.

Regardless of if you are referring to healthcare in the US, or Canada, the key impact of texting is in automated shift management to help reach staff on time through the use of SMS Gateway services connecting into existing management platforms. Other areas noted are text alerts integrated into bed management, and prescription refill servicing in pharmacies. These are the main ways that text messaging through an SMS Gateway are servicing healthcare today.

Text messaging services are a part of other functions in the health care sphere too, where decision makers have to worry about security, added work and possible alert fatigue.

Check to see how your automated shift management platforms are contacting to your healthcare nurses and staff. Integrating them to a reliable SMS Gateway will allow you to take advantage of text messaging and use it in your hospital, or clinic today.