Business, Institutions and Industry are continuing to add text messaging into their mobile communications strategy.

A good Business SMS strategy has many benefits

  • Cost Savings –How often does print material become stale because of a change in product, price, or other variables? Using text messaging as an alternative to print gives a flexible runtime without having to commit to the message for a long time.
  • Shorter Development Times – The simplicity of SMS is easier to do than using many other mediums, and is the quickest way to connect your business to mobile, because people text more than even phone, and developing an app is no guarantee that people will download it.
  • Improved Client Service – A good starting point is to migrate client service touch-points on email to text messaging. This improves response times and turn-around, because text messages are read and noticed, while email is far too easy to ignore.
  • Reduced Client No-Shows – If your business relies on client bookings, no-shows are a direct cost to your daily operations. Text messaging helps keep clients on time and reduce No-Shows.

Find a SMS Gateway that connects your desktop client software to text messaging easily and provides reasonable support when needed. Picking the right SMS Gateway will fast-track your integration. A flexible SMS API that provides choice in program language and good documentation is key. If you’re not a programmer, does the SMS provider have a solution for you too?

When choosing a SMS Gateway, two key factors are important

  1. Reach – Avoid SMS providers that have polluted their aggregation reach because of serving SPAM clients. They have damaged the quality of their service. If their messages do not get through, nothing else matters. Look for an SLA (Service Level Agreement) when choosing your SMS Gateway. Those with poor reach won’t give it.
  2. Support – Look for SMS providers that offer scalable support offerings at reasonable prices. Anyone can serve you when there are no problems. A superior service provider is one that is responsive and solves problems.