Though 2017 has already begun, it will likely be some time before we know for certain what the future will hold for text messaging. However, there are still predictions from last year to draw from when thinking of the updates around the corner. No matter what actual changes appear, there's the chance for companies to get creative, as a Business 2 Community piece recently said.

One example given in the source was the way text messages were used to promote styles at New York Fashion Week. It comes with the similar claim that text messaging is set to increase in popularity, which certainly seems likely.

Another factor could be the need for constant exposure. This is already a factor in some campaigns and it could demand further contact at all times, especially when it comes to customer service. 

However, greater creativity may not mean large and visually extensive campaigns necessarily. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the messages themselves to make a noticeable difference. Mashable, for example, said that the new year could raise the bar for what constitutes personalizing a message, with the texts themselves getting more tailored as businesses zero in on their audience for the most engaging effect.

This also pairs with the company's move away from the traditional marketing personas and demographics used to drive campaigns. Though all of these predictions seem to relate to marketing specifically, other businesses could use the same tactics no matter their industry, or at least try to broaden their reach for a more responsive populace.

At the foundation of this are the tools you need to make massive messaging work in the first place. The content of the message can change while the strong SMS practices are always there to build from.