Real estate in the United States and Canada are both facing changes, but whatever the changes are, it shouldn't impact customers' experiences. Text messaging integration via SMS API’s connecting to real estate listings and brokerages is helping to sell and buy homes.

Text messaging has made a direct connection to prospective buyers, proving to be invaluable in listings, despite very different dynamics in Canada and the USA.

In Canada, a record price increase in Vancouver and Toronto is feared to be driving home ownership out of reach of the average buyer. It’s causing bidding wars, and soaring inflation in the housing market with prices up more than 30% from the previous year.

Yet in the States, some real estate agents are finding it harder to reach buyers, because of inconsistencies in listing platforms between brokerages. The Denver Post reported on a dispute between two real estate-related entities that could affect the way the market in the area unfolds. Differences in listing data platforms is making decisions and the access to properties harder.

In both Canada and the United States, more burden is falling on the agents themselves, especially in the commercial sector, to ensure that online listings are accurate. This is due to a flurry of demand in Canada to get listings on the market due to a shortage of supply, and in the United States it’s due to a lack of compatibility between real estate listing platforms that can’t share data. Regardless, in both markets creating a better, easier way for buyers to search helps agents distinguish themselves and the services they offer.

The demands on brokerages to coordinate with multiple different systems as technology evolves is a constant challenge, beyond responding to market dynamics. Luckily the simplicity of plugging an SMS API into their listing platforms is making customer experiences better and easier. Using SMS services has made searching for a home simple. Prospective buyers can get an update on their preferred properties simply by texting a number for the right information while they drive by a property. This provides an instant validated lead to agents to respond to.