Let's make something clear: Mobile text marketing is not email marketing. The two are very distinct marketing strategies. In email, for example, marketers are likely to opt for a much more detailed, longer form of copy, whereas in SMS marketing the messages are going to (and have to) be much more concise and to the point. Email can also use videos and pictures whereas text messages rely on just that: short messages to engage their audiences. Finally, the greatest difference between the two is this: SMS marketing has been proven to be more successful than email marketing. Open rates and engagement are typically higher because they don't end up in reader's spam boxes.

In saying that, it might seem odd that similarities remain between the two. And, that's not a bad thing! There often exits crossover in marketing strategies that is proven to work across the board, whether that's through email, direct mail or TV spots. In part one of our two-part series, we explore three techniques you must carry over from your email marketing efforts in order for your mobile text marketing strategy to work:

1. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)

People love simple ideas. They don't have time for complex ones. And this is especially true in the world of SMS. While email advertisements can be longer, they still must be focused and concise. Text messages should clearly, and only, state the situation and the action that  readers need to take.

2. Always test

Not every communication strategy works. Just like in email, some readers respond to your message while others won't. For those who did respond, or that reach out to you directly in another manner, ask them why the text message prompted them to reach out. You can use this information to switch up your message (content or length) to ensure greater response rates.