In a previous article, "4 Do's of SMS Marketing" we provided tips on how to make your mobile text marketing campaign more successful. We suggested that, before messaging, you need to know your audience, make your message concise, have an end goal and allow answering. Here we provided some helpful tips on what you shouldn't do during your campaign.

1. Don't Forget to Segment
Too many times companies forget to or choose not to segment readers and instead blast SMS messages to a broad audience. This is a waste of resources and is the equivalent of throwing mud against the wall and hoping some of it sticks. While it takes more time to create unique messages for each segment, the payoff is usually much greater.

2. Don't Message Too Often
Don't be a pest! Not only should you create targeted messages, you need to ensure you're not bombarding readers too frequently. A great message will quickly be forgotten about if a person is receiving too many at once. And, the chance they opt out of further notifications increases exponentially.

3. Don't Forget to Let Them Opt Out
There's nothing that annoys readers more than not having the choice to opt out of a mobile text marketing campaign. We're not saying they will do it, but people like to have the option because it's comforting. Make sure, at the end of your message, that you include a line that reads something like, "If you would like to opt out of further messages, please reply "no." 

4. Don't Forget to Proofread
This should be a given, but how often do you receive text messages that are riddled with grammar errors? And we're not even talking about the universal "text-speak" language. Don't take the same approach with your SMS marketing campaign. Take the time to write out each message and then proofread it for errors and consistency.