Let's say you receive a text message from a company or organization. Is it relevant? Does it hold any value to you? In this article, we describe a few qualities SMS campaigns must exhibit if their respective institutions want to engage their audiences.

1. Simplicity

Mobile text marketing is not email marketing. That's the first thing you have to realize when putting together an SMS marketing campaign. There is a distinct difference between the two. Email marketing usually involves much longer messages and can often include graphics or videos. And, more often than not, they end up in someone's spam folder. SMS must be simpler. It needs to get to the point in one or two lines, at most. And one of those lines should be a call to action, indicating what the party hopes the consumer, client or reader will do.

2. Value

One similarity between email marketing and SMS marketing, however, is that their campaigns have to be of value to the reader. Have you ever received a promotional text message that just doesn't relate to you? Maybe you're a male who has never bought a beauty product in his life, yet, for some reason you just received an SMS message promoting these products. Marketers must know their audience.

3. Efficiency

Companies need to run efficient SMS campaigns. What do we mean by that? Prior to sending out messages teams must put together an effective plan of action, complete with vetting the target audience and listing goals they hope to accomplish.

4. Timeliness

If a company is issuing a holiday discount on a select brand of footwear, it wouldn't make much sense to message prospective buyers a day or more after the holiday. They need to ensure messages are timely and relevant to the situation.