As many businesses know, text message marketing is a great way to reach out to their client base and help strengthen that relationship. Now, many schools are noticing this too and are using bulk SMS to improve their services.

Text messaging is a great way to ensure students, parents and school staff are all on the same page. Here are some ways school administrators can use text messaging services to their advantage:

  • Streamlining processes. Many administrative processes can be streamlined using text messaging. One example is meetings. Whether it's a staff meeting, parent/teacher conference, student/academic advisor meeting or some other type of appointment, texting helps reduce the time and effort put into scheduling. 
  • Appointment notifications. Once a meeting is scheduled, send a notification at an appropriate time prior to it to ensure attendance. If an appointment needs to be rescheduled, the notification reminder will give you enough time to fill that spot, ensuring that your time is used efficiently and effectively.
  • Disciplinary actions. If a student is habitually late, absent or  requires disciplinary measures, school  administrators can use text messaging to notify their parents right away. This ensures that parents are aware of their child's actions and can address them quickly.
  • Emergency alerts. Many levels of government are turning toward SMS notifications as a way to alert their residents of impending situations, such as severe weather warnings. Schools can utilize this platform in a similar way, by sending out notifications of closings, class cancelations, weather alerts or other relevant and sudden situations. 

As text messages are read quicker and more frequently used than other messaging platforms, an increasing number of schools and universities are opting for similar services. Developers wanting to take advantage of the speed of SMS for their business should utilize Swift SMS Gateway's SMS API.