One of the benefits of text message marketing is their ability to be personalized. According to MarketingProfs, messages are more likely to be clicked through when they're personalized.

Here are some ways you can personalize your text messages:

  • Demographics. When signing up subscribers, try to get as much information about them as possible. This will allow you to identify your customers better and market to them more effectively. 
  • Targeted groups. Create groups and send messages specifically targeted at them. While they can be based on demographics, they don't have to be. Use purchase history to identify customers who haven't bought anything recently and try to get them back into the store. Also, if you have multiple locations, you can group customers based on proximity to a certain store.
  • Names. Savvy customers understand when a message is a template and when it isn't. Simply adding their name to a message will increase their engagement.
  • Loyalty. Reward your most loyal customers. Use purchase history to identify frequent shoppers and send them bonuses thanking them for their business. According to Mobile Marketer, this is actually a service that most loyal customers expect.
  • Recommendations. Using purchase history, find products similar to ones already purchased and send customers those recommendations. The more specific the item, the better the recommendation and the more traffic you'll see in the store.
  • Follow ups. After a customer makes a purchase, use text messaging to follow up with them. This is a simple way to increase customer loyalty and help improve the customer experience.
  • Reminders. Businesses like barber shops that rely on regular visits should text reminders at appropriate intervals to remind customers that they're due to return.

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