One of the best advocates for your business are your customers. Their word of mouth can help bring new customers to your business, making it grow and keeping it prosperous. According to Business 2 Community, only 4 percent of Americans trust advertising as a source of information, but 83 percent trust product information from independent sources they have a relationship with, such as family members, friends and colleagues.

Using text message marketing is a great way to provide your clients with a strong overall customer experience, which will keep them engaged and encourage them to talk about it to their friends. Here are some ways to enhance customer engagement through SMS marketing:

  • Value. While sending out promotional offers to your SMS subscribers is important, texting can be used for so much more. Appointment reminders, recommendations and order information are all additional benefits of SMS messages that your customer will find helpful and valuable. Obviously these offerings will differ by business, so send out only what's relevant to your company. If you're not sure what that is, ask your customers what they want. 
  • Cross promotion. If your company is running a sale, contest, special event or some other type of unique promotion, let your SMS subscribers know.
  • Feedback. Use your text messaging services to open up two-way communication. Many customers would rather text about an issue than wait on hold over the phone for an extended period of time. 
  • Personalize. As we wrote about earlier in the month, personalizing your messaging is a great way to keep customers engaged. This will let them know that they're not just another cog in the machine and will increase their loyalty towards your brand.

To get your company's SMS marketing campaign started, Swift SMS Gateway offers the SMS API and gateway needed to easily leverage the speed and convenience of text messaging.