As a business, your customers are your most valuable resource. Why not go to them for feedback?

Here are six steps to take to conduct a poll using bulk SMS:

  • Focus. What what type of feedback you want from your audience and for what issues. For example, a restaurant running a special event night may want to ask about the event on a whole to gage interest or specific parts of the event, like the menu or guests.
  • Brevity. The simpler the poll, the more effective it is. Long, complicated surveys will only lead to negatives, like poor response rates, an increased likelihood of errors and a rise in opt outs. Limit it to one or two questions.
  • Incentivize. A way to punch up your response rate is by adding a contest to the poll. Offer the chance to win a prize if they participate in the poll. Then when the winner is selected, make a big deal out of it, as other will see and will be more likely to participate in future polls.
  • Timing. For mass text messaging polls, short-term items works best. Broad, long term planning is best left up to you, your staff and advisors, with the customer feedback for specific details from SMS polls helping you evaluate those items just before implementation. Just make sure to schedule poll accordingly so you have time to take the feedback under advisement. 
  • Collection. Work with your provider to collect the data as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you to easily interpret the results. 
  • Rewards. Customer polls have another benefit: increased brand loyalty. By participating in the poll and then seeing the actual result in your business, the customer will feel like they have a stake in the company and will become an advocate for your brand. 

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