A powerful part of any text message marketing campaign are promotional offers. According to a study by Mobile Commerce Daily, 75.3 percent of mobile shoppers have redeemed a coupon through their device. That statistic shows the potential SMS coupons have in a campaign to increase revenue and return on investment.

While strong mobile offers will help increase engagement, poor ones will have no affect and may lead to opt-outs. Here's how to increase offer redemption and drive up your business:

Be unique

Don't send out the same offers every week and don't follow in line with one or more of your competitors. Offering new, varied and unique promotions through your SMS marketing campaign will motivate your customers to take action and leave them anticipating the arrival of the next one. 


With SMS' character limit, marketing should always be contained to one message, so choosing your wording is important. Use active words. 


If an offer has no end date, users won't be compelled to redeem it, even if they intend to. Use expiration dates to your advantage. Limiting the offer's time frame helps motivate people to action within that window of opportunity. 


Knowing when to send out your offers plays a huge role in their redemption. Sending one out too early or too late and people are likely to forget about using it at a later date. 

Wrong timing can also have another negative side-affect: opt outs. If a message wakes a user up or distracts them while driving, they'll be more likely to forgo your service in the future. Stick to normal business hours, and make sure to account for multiple time zones, if applicable. 


Company's should always be evaluating the success of a SMS marketing campaign. This will help them better identify what's working and what isn't, so adjustments can be made. Just remember that variety is important and there's always learning opportunities in trying new methods. 

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