Customer service is a vital component to any company, no matter its industry. In addition to text message marketing, SMS can be used to enhance customer service offerings and allow you to connect with your customers more efficiently and effectively. 

Cell phones are extremely prevalent in today's society. With near-perfect open rates, SMS can be a powerful customer service tool, helping to increase brand loyalty and drive up your company's revenue. Here are three ways SMS can be used to better your customer service:


People often forget appointments, and can be difficult to track down to reschedule, leading to lost revenue opportunities. Take the initiative and offer to send out reminders via text. Text messages are received faster than other communication methods, allowing them to assimilate the information and go back to their routine quicker. Also, if they manage their calendar on their phone, its easier for them to enter it into their schedule.

Q. and A.

A recent study from eWeek reports that 52 percent of consumers would prefer to text with a customer service representative to fix a problem than through other methods. Another 47 percent said that the ability to text would lead them to giving a higher satisfaction rating on surveys. Offering this service is a great way to fulfill the desires of your client base.


SMS is an easy way for customers to put in orders, especially for restaurants. Instead of calling ahead or going online, customers can quickly submit an order over text and then receive pickup location and times from you or delivery options in applicable. If they opt for delivery, texting provides the perfect platform to send your customers updates on their order.

If your company is looking to increase their SMS offerings, Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to help organizations launch a strong and effective SMS strategy.