Despite the seemingly massive influx of messaging apps in recent years, SMS remains the preferred form of text communication, according to a survey. 

In a RingCentral study of over 500 people, 72 percent used text messaging over other forms of written communication.

The report said that most participants were between 25 and 34 years old. Users sent between one and 20 messages a say and responded to messages between two and 11 minutes after receiving them. Additionally, they reported preferring text messages because it was the fastest, easiest and simplest option and that they were much less difficult to ignore or miss than messages sent through an app. 

With the increasing prevalence smartphones in the industry, new services called over the top (OTT) arose. These are more similar to old, computer based instant messenger programs than text messaging, as they require the internet to function.

Popular OTTs are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts, but all have similar problems. Users have to download the app and create an account. Then, they can only message other users on that same platform. Even in the case of WhatsApp, which Facebook spent $16 billion dollars to buy last year, users on the two platforms cannot message each other. 

Over and above all that, they require a data connection in order to work. Messages sent through the apps will go against customer's increasingly expensive data plans and, if there's no or limited data coverage, messages won't go through.

SMS alleviates all those issues. SMS works across all cell phones, no matter the make, model, operating system or carrier. Mobile plans from major carriers are often unlimited, meaning there's no additional charges for texting and SMS messages will work even without a data plan. 

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