When developing an SMS marketing campaign there are several factors that need to be in place to see success and drive return on investment. From having the right SMS aggregator to creating short but poignant texts, it is important to ensure both timely delivery and a regular text message marketing schedule as well. For many firms creating a strategy that meets all of their needs requires a few universal points, such as:

Create value with every text – In order to minimize opt-outs and ensure a successful mobile text marketing campaign, a business needs to ensure every message it sends provides value to the consumer. This means offer discount codes, exclusive deals or even just making the consumer aware of a sale. Including a call to action or similar value-driving message in every text will ensure this.

Maintain regulatory compliance – Every country has its own guidelines for avoiding spam messages and meeting them is essential for maintaining a mobile marketing campaign. For firms that do international business it's critical to keep track of various regulations and make sure your campaign conforms to all of them to avoiding creating unique messages for each country you market in.

Measure campaign progress and metrics – Finally, it is essential to properly track your progress with any marketing campaign to assess the results and make improvements. Utilizing the right bulk SMS gateway will allow you to track and integrate metrics with analytics platforms and measure your success over time, creating stronger strategies in the future based on hard numbers.

For any business building an SMS marketing campaign, SwiftSMS Gateway offers the necessary tools and bulk sending platform to ensure successful delivery and growth of your mobile marketing efforts.