A new report released by comScore shows that 187.5 million people in the U.S. own smartphones, which is roughly 77 percent of all mobile phone users. That's a huge user base across a variety of demographics who can be brought right to your website when you send them a text. Here are five ways that you can tap into this base and get the most out of your SMS marketing campaign:

  • Opt for opt in. Make sure you have your customers' permission before you market to them, and are complying with any additional local regulations.
  • Create value. Most customers need a reason to opt in that's goes beyond just brand loyalty. Give them one.
  • Consistency. Sending regular updates is a big part of a text messaging campaign's success, just don't over do it. Sending too many will drive them away and sending too few will make them forget. Set a schedule and stick to it.
  • Integration. Don't market in isolation. If you're running other promotions, make sure your strategies are aligned and that they promote each other. 
  • Metrics. Know how your campaign is doing. Keep track of the number of subscribers and the drop out amount. Also know how the promotions are driving sales. Staying up to date on these and other aspects of the campaign will help you see how it's working and allow you to make corrections if it isn't.

No business is too big or too small for an SMS marketing strategy. Customers appreciate value, no matter the size of the business offering it to them. Make sure you start to develop your plan before the competition does, and invest in the right tools to support a growing mobile marketing campaign that is both engaging and drives value. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to determine the best plan for your client base.