Brand image is a key aspect of marketing success and companies that make mistakes with their marketing campaign could destroy their own credibility if they aren't careful. With mobile text marketing, credibility is essential for not only driving click-throughs but also avoiding being mistaken as spam or even breaking local SMS regulations. Recognizing some of the more common mistakes that can damage your firms credibility will help you avoid them and maintain a positive public image over time.

Below are a few of the most common errors businesses make in text message marketing and how to avoid them:

Breaking SMS best practices – Text message marketing follows a rather strict set of best practice rules, which evolve as the industry does. Consumer preferences have the largest impact on these guidelines, as do international and local regulations. It is critical for a business to stay on top of these trends to maintain consistency and their credibility.

Misspelling keywords – A common mistake that can damage brand image is also an incredible easy one to make: Misspelling a keyword in a text message. This can be particularly troublesome if you misspell your own company name, which happens more often than you might think. It is critical to proofread every text before it is send to ensure no mistakes in spelling, grammar or linking are made.

Not utilizing promotional texts – Another mistake that companies can make is under-utilizing SMS as a marketing medium. Simply sending general announcements about sales or events doesn't fully engage the consumer, and will lead to customers opting out of the campaign. For full return on investment, firms have to make sure they are sending promotional texts, including exclusive discount codes and similar promotional materials.