Text message marketing is helping businesses see the potential of using mobile channels to communicate with customers. As one of the most effective forms of mobile marketing because of the more than 98 percent open rate within four minutes of being received, the ability to reach consumers and engage them is unparalleled in digital marketing. However, there are many considerations to make in terms of how to deliver mobile text marketing messages, and building a campaign in general.

Despite the growing potential of text messaging, marketers need to ensure they are optimizing their strategy, in part because their competitors likely are as well. This channel of marketing is easier to implement than nearly any other, and more cost-effective. However, there are multiple ways to utilize text alerts, so it is important to consider these factors as part of your plan:

FCC regulations – Text messaging services are an opt-in form of marketing, where customers have to send a message to companies they wish to receive time-sensitive promotions and exclusives from. As a way to reduce spam and fraud incidents through SMS marketing, the FCC has specific guidelines on privacy and compliance policies that must be followed. Make sure you adhere to both opt-in best practices and standards for consumer privacy to eliminate risk.

The SMS service – If your business wants to use SMS it is important to invest in the right tools and service to optimize delivery. Once you start considering this channel, take the time to find a bulk SMS gateway that meets your customer base's needs in terms of message traffic and reliability.

Time zones – For larger businesses, it can be easy to forget that your client base might reside in multiple time zones. It is important to consider the hours you choose to send text messages, but due to time zone differences, a good time to send messages on the West Coast may interrupt a user's sleep on the East. Rather than become a nuisance, schedule texts for different times depending on the consumer's area code.

Companies that take the time to establish a text messaging strategy will be able to leverage mobile channels in new and interesting ways. Make sure you start to develop your plan before the competition does, and invest in the right tools to support a growing mobile marketing campaign that is both engaging and drives value. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to determine the best plan for your client base.