Mobile coupons are one of the best ways to leverage value through your mobile text marketing campaign. The ability to scan a smartphone right at the register to use a coupon has expanded across the retail industry and more consumers than ever are embracing the idea. As such, you should ensure your brand is supporting this trend.

Rather than printing coupons out, consumers will be able to simply bring up the barcode or text field on their phone and scan it in at the register for instant savings. Sending printable coupons via text message can be a better option than email or print media, because not all mobile phones have email access and paying for printed coupons in magazine and newsletters is far more expensive for you.

Target, Kohls and many other major retailers have already launched mobile coupon campaigns, sending promotional texts that customers can bring up in-store on their phone.

The fact that text message marketing is the most inexpensive way to deliver promotional messages, discounts and sale notifications to consumers makes it an ideal way to offer coupons to customers as well. Rather than spending money on print media to deliver coupons, you can save that part of your budget and better allocate it to more mission critical resources, or to further your digital marketing efforts.

Some retailers may be reluctant to implement an SMS couponing program because they lack the resources to scan devices, but they can also consider investing in mobile printing solutions in-store, which will allow customers to print their coupons out for scanning at the register. Swift SMS Gateway offers the SMS API and other tools businesses need to launch any promotional text message program.