One industry starting to leverage mobile text marketing with impressive results is the beauty and cosmetology field. According to PromotionWorld, building a mobile marketing strategy has become a must for every consumer-facing business, and beauty salons in particular can benefit from tying mobile marketing and localization together.

Sarah Brooks, a contributor with the news source, wrote that one excellent way for beauty schools in particular to leverage text message marketing is to appeal to prospective students.

"A benefit to this is a prospective beauty student who decides to put school on hold might receive a text message from you six months down the line and decide it's time to enroll, thus gaining you a student," Brooks noted.

Just remember to ask prospective students to opt-in on their application by asking if they want to receive texts regarding updates to programs, discounts being offered on tuition or supplies, class start dates and similar information.

If you're a cosmetology school or beauty salon thinking about implementing mobile marketing, remember to keep these key tips in mind:

Don't over send – Sending texts too often will annoy consumers and they'll opt-out of your campaign.

Keep your ads simple – The more succinct a message, the more value it is likely to have. Consumers like short, to the point texts.

Tie it into social media – Don't forget to tie your mobile and social channels together for maximum exposure and impact.

Mobile is the leading channel in digital marketing for business-to-consumer industries. Make sure you have invested in the necessary tools, such as a high-quality SMS service from Swift SMS Gateway, to ensure your messages are delivered in a timely manner.