The holiday season may be over, but any text message marketing campaigns that a business launched can be adapted to serve them throughout the rest of the year. SMS is the most effective form of marketing, but those same principles need to be applied year-round to optimize the value it brings to a business.

When a consumer signs up for a text message service, they expect to have value-driving promotional texts delivered to them on a regular basis. This year-round approach allows your company to leverage major and minor holidays, local events and other tactics to bring consumers into the store and drive sales. By sending a unique promotional message to commemorate a variety of special events, businesses can further engage customers that have opted into their mobile text marketing campaign.

Business 2 Community notes that there are a number of ways companies can enhance their marketing efforts outside of the holiday season, such as recognizing birthdays and anniversaries. Firms simply have to include this data as an entry field during the opt-in process to gather the relevant data.

"It's someone's birthday every day," Katherine Raz wrote. "Use automated email or text message marketing software to subscribe your customers to a birthday or anniversary club that will automatically send them a discount message when their special day rolls around. Birthday coupons are a great way to ensure at least a small trickle of traffic at any time of year."

SMS services are an ideal marketing channel due to having the highest open and conversion rates across every industry. Implementing a text message marketing strategy can engage customers by acknowledging special occasions throughout the year.

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