As more companies use email marketing as a way to reach customers, reports show that those customers are beginning to pull away from email. This "email fatigue" results in the customer deleting marketing emails without reading them, defeating their purpose before a business even gets the opportunity to sell.

At this point, the "fatigued" customer no longer wants to receive marketing messages, but feels unsubscribing is too much of a hassle. Businesses need to find a new way of reaching customers that engages them and excites them, rather than wears them down. This is the perfect opportunity for a firm to embrace mobile text marketing.

There are many reasons why organizations should consider an SMS service. It's easier to use than email, has a higher open rate and a higher conversion rate. Sometimes users have a hard time navigating through email due to poor or incompatible code. Other times, a company may send email subscribers too many messages in a short time period, discouraging them from even wanting to open these messages.

With the average text messages read within four minutes of entering an inbox, it already shows obvious potential.

Unlike emails, text messaging services require much fewer clicks. The consumer taps once to read, and once more to go to an online store, or to close the message. Furthermore, the opt-in style of SMS ensures that consumers only get messages they want, and provides clear metrics to businesses to assess interest in their campaign.

In order to ensure appropriate delivery, a well-managed consumer database and streamlined message management, companies need to invest in a high-quality SMS gateway with the capabilities to help businesses implement an SMS marketing campaign without scaring away their targeted audience.