As businesses seek to appeal to younger demographics and optimize their brand's reach, different marketing channels have different potential. From social media to video, there are great ways to appeal to broader audiences, but none as efficient as mobile text marketing.

SMS provides a significant advantage over other channels for several reasons, including:

Ease of delivery – With the right bulk SMS gateway a business can deliver hundreds of thousands of text messages instantly to consumers across North America. This allows for a single message to be sent quickly and cheaply, or a variety of more personalized messages to be at minimal additional expense.

Frequency of use – Nearly everyone in North America, from teenagers to baby boomers, has a mobile devices and uses it to text friends and family. Mobile enjoys the highest open and conversion rates of any marketing channel because of its popularity, and how often users are likely to check and read messages sent to them by their favorite brands.

Simplicity of messages – One of the biggest benefits of SMS marketing is the fact that it forces a business to simplify its marketing messages, however. The 160 character limit of SMS messages drives home the point that consumers want short and sweet marketing information, with an attractive deal, basic information and strong call to action to get them interested and in the store to buy.

The popularity of SMS messaging continues to grow, and texting has become the most accepted form of communication in nearly all circles of society. This makes it ideal for marketing and emergency purposes, in addition to standard conversation.

Many organizations have begun focusing their marketing efforts on text messaging because of its simplicity and popularity. For companies looking to implement a text marketing strategy, Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools you need.