Whether it's email or SMS marketing, one of the key factors in driving consumer engagement is brevity. No customers want to read a lengthy message that ultimately results in a sales pitch, which is why shorter messages that come to the point quickly often drive much higher returns. According to Small Business Computing, the more a business can embrace brevity in it's text-based marketing efforts, the more success it will see.

Citing a study of over 2.1 million customer communications, the source points out that shorter emails had much higher click-through rates.

"Less is more and being concise is better," Jesse Harriot, chief analytics officer for Constant Contact, the firm that performed the study, told the source. "Having a short concise message has more impact than a long one."

The same principal applies to mobile by necessity. While email does support longer messages, text message marketing does not by its very nature. Shorter message are easier to read on a mobile devices, and consumers are much more likely to read them. In fact, few people will read a text message that takes more than a few seconds to skim.

Optimizing message length is only part of the battle, however. Firms also need to ensure their messages include a strong call to action and open with a hook that drives the customer's interest, such as an exclusive promotion or deal. These tactics are what ensures the near 100 percent open rate of SMS marketing messages and the high return rate.

If your firm is considering deploying a high-quality mobile marketing strategy, make sure you're using every trick in the book to optimize consumer exposure, including investing in a SMS gateway that can support the bandwidth needs of your campaign.