One of the biggest benefits of mobile text marketing is the high open rates associated with this channel. SMS marketing has a nearly 100 percent open rate, but this doesn't come naturally for every firm. Companies still need to ensure they are implementing best practices to achieve a 99 percent or higher open rate on the texts they send to consumers.

Below are a few tips of maximizing the appeal of text messages so that the users who opt into your SMS campaign truly want to open and read the messages:

Assess delivery rate – The first thing that impacts open rates isn't the message itself, but how frequently they are sent. Sending messages too frequently will cause consumers to delete them or ignore them, rather than read them, so make sure to find the sweet spot between too frequent and not frequent enough and stick to it.

Open strong – The opening line is the most important part of improving open rates in text messages. Having a clear appeal, such as a promotion or discount announcement, in the first few words will ensure the consumers sees this part of the message, making them much more likely to open it to learn more.

Send at the right time of day – The time of day that messages are sent also matters. Most people don't check text messages while at work, and very few people read them late at night, so sending during the morning commute or after work in the early evening is often the best time to achieve a swift open.

Of course, in order to manage all of these factors and optimize SMS marketing delivery, your company will need a high-quality bulk SMS gateway.