Despite growing popularity of social media and its advancing capability to meet customer demands for support and marketing, businesses still find that mobile is their leading channel. According to Heavy, mobile marketing is continuing to increase in popularity, in part because of its affordability and also because of its interoperability with other channels.

As firms continue to invest in mobile text marketing, they find many advantages spring to life. Here are a few of the reasons that SMS continues to top out over the alternatives:

Easy to measure ROI – One of the most important factors businesses consider with any marketing channel is how easy it is to measure return on investment. When using the right SMS service, a company is able to assess ROI effortlessly, 

Open rates – SMS messages also have the highest open rate of any marketing channel at about 99 percent, and are opened within 15 minutes of receipt, on average. This puts it leaps and bounds ahead of other channels, even social, where consumers tend to skim messages, rather than read them in depth.

Reach – The fact that there are more than 7 billion mobile devices in use across the planet makes mobile one of the most prolific channels for marketing, providing businesses with a stronger reach than any other medium. Furthermore, more people are using their phones to check Facebook, Twitter and social media, as well as other internet sites, helping drive traffic to other channels as well.

Mobile might be the most popular marketing channel, but companies still need to make sure they are leveraging it to maximum benefit. Invest in the right SMS gateway to optimize your text message marketing strategy today.