Companies looking to drive growth in their marketing efforts have few solutions available to them. Growth is the key to success, however, which means firms need to learn how to utilize the channels they have available to their maximum potential. Lately, more businesses have seen success leveraging mobile text marketing than nearly any other channel for growth in this area of operations.

Growth for any business is driven primarily through marketing, which means companies have to focus on the strategies that will drive their marketing efforts with maximum efficiency. Bulk SMS service is often a go-to solution because it helps simplify outreach with maximum returns.

With SMS marketing, companies gain a unique way to interact with consumers that has proliferated into nearly every aspect of society. Mobile is a household term, and nearly everyone has at least one mobile device, often two. They are used at home, at the gym, at work and on vacation, making them the idea place to reach a potential customer.

Companies that want to leverage mobile need to consider a few trends however. Automation of bulk message sending saves time and money, but it is also important to make text messages shareable and respond-able. Consumers like text because it generates a dialog with the company or their friends. Businesses have to be ready to respond to text in addition to sending them, and tie their strategy in with social media, video and other marketing channels.

If you're considering deploying text marketing strategies, make sure your company has a high-quality bulk SMS gateway in place to manage message flow and optimize delivery.