Data usage has been skyrocketing ever since the introduction of smartphones, and a recent report by Cisco indicates no signs of this trend slowing any time soon. According to the firm, mobile data is expected to increase by an entire order of magnitude by 2019, growing from about 30 exabytes of total data transferred via mobile device in 2014 to 292 exabytes before the end of the decade.

According to CIO Today, that would represent 292 times the total IP traffic on fixed and mobile devices generated in 2000.

Cisco's report further predicts that there will be about 5.2 billion mobile users by 2019, with approximately 11.5 billion mobile-ready devices in circulation.

"The ongoing adoption of more powerful mobile devices and wider deployments of emerging M2M applications, combined with broader access to faster wireless networks, will be key contributors to significant mobile traffic growth in the coming years," said Doug Webster, Vice President of Service Provider Products and Solutions Marketing at Cisco, in a release. "This mobile-centric environment will give service providers a new landscape of challenges and opportunities to innovatively deliver a variety of mobile services and experiences to consumers and business Relevant Products/Services users as the Internet of Everything continues to take shape."

This movement simply underlines the potential for mobile text marketing and SMS API as a powerful solution for enterprise marketing needs. Companies embracing mobile and SMS strategies are going to continue seeing expanded reach as more consumers are using mobile devices in their everyday lives. Firms looking to harness this potential and really make waves with their mobile marketing campaigns need to ensure they have a bulk SMS gateway capable of keeping up with these trends.